Is There Any Difference Between A Building Lawyer And A Construction Dispute Lawyer

We often use laws and rules as alternatives to each other but there is a slight difference between the two. Laws are the kind of rules that have been imposed by the government on its citizens. Law is equal for each and every citizen irrespective of the fact that the particular citizen is the president himself or any beggar. There are different penalties set for different kinds of crimes. If a person has violated any minor rule then minor penalty will be given but if he has committed any serious crime then the penalty or punishment will be given accordingly. Lawyers are the professional people who help the citizens in maintaining the laws and performing the actions under their legal rights. There are many different types of lawyers who differ from one another on the basis of the law that they have studied in. These lawyers differ from family lawyers to contract lawyers and from criminal lawyers to building lawyers. In this article, we will be discussing about the fact that whether there is any difference between a building lawyer and a construction dispute lawyer. Go here for more information about construction law firms.

Construction law:

Construction law is the branch of law which deals with the matters related to the construction of a building or any other kind of a project. There are many processes and people involved in the construction of single project varying from the contractors to the engineers and from the labourers to the architects. One thing that must be kept in mind while carrying all the activities during the process of construction is that everything is going according to the legalities and laws. These legalities and laws are checked by the construction lawyers.

Is there any difference between a building lawyer and a construction dispute lawyer?

Both; building lawyers and construction dispute lawyers come under the category of the construction law. There is a very slight difference between the two kinds of lawyers. Good building lawyers are the kind of lawyers who take the full responsibility of the legalities of the particular constructional project. These responsibilities include making sure that everything is going according to the laws of the country, forming contracts, planning and solving any matters regarding the constructional process. On the other hand, construction dispute lawyer handle the matters that are only related to the disputes involved in the process of construction.


The legalities of the process of construction are fulfilled by the building lawyers and if needed, then construction dispute lawyer as well. The responsibility of a building lawyer is to make sure that everything or every activity that is being carried out in the particular project of construction is following all of the legal terms and conditions. The contract formation, the solving of disputes and other such document work is handled by the building lawyers. “Oldham construction lawyers” offer the best services of the expert building lawyers as well as the construction dispute lawyers.

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