Benefits Of Adding A Water Feature To Your Landscape

outdoor water feature

Many homeowners want to make their homes as attractive and inviting as possible. Exterior refurbishments may be at the top of many homeowners’ to-do lists, and landscape design is frequently an essential element of those projects. When designing gardens, property owners may benefit from considering more than just flowers, trees and bushes, as well as other elements that can add vitality to their landscape designs. An outdoor water feature in melbourne can do just that because they provide more than just aesthetic appeal.

A properly placed water feature can reshape your yard from a bland, unexciting patch of grass to an affluent, picturesque oasis. Continue reading to discover the top advantages that a water feature will provide.

  1. Noise pollution reduction.

A water feature can support in minising noise pollution from outside a house or business. The sound of moving water can drown out other noises such as traffic and highway noise, rowdy neighbours, or nearby businesses.

  1. Increasing the value and curb appeal of your home.

A water feature in your yard not only improves the aesthetics and health of your yard but also increases the value of your home. Staging improves when attributes are visible from the road, and the resale value rises when prospective buyers see your water feature and assume themselves sitting outside, enjoying your organic oasis.

Flowing water is calming to the soul.

Water’s incredible healing power has been recognized by philosophers, religious clerics, and physicians throughout history. Buddhist meditation practitioners value flowing water as a source of white noise that the mind can enjoy without becoming overly attached to any single tone. Natural medicine professionals recommend hydrotherapy in the form of steam sauna and hot and cold compresses. The addition of a landscape water feature promotes relaxation and peace. Flowing water both relaxes and energises the spirit. When choosing water features, Portland gardeners should pay close attention to the sound each one makes; each of us has a natural preference for certain “water soaks.”

Wildlife is drawn to moving water.

Consider this: you’re relaxing beside your landscape water feature when a cheerful yellow-breasted finch lands on a rock ledge. Captivated, you watch in awe as the small creature hops closer and closer to the stream, eventually taking a few sips. If you add a fountain or fizzing birdbath to your yard, this type of event can happen daily. Water features in landscaping naturally attract birds, squirrels, rabbits, and other fauna. All animals, like humans, require fresh, clean water to thrive. Water is required by birds for both drinking and simpering.

Running water, according to Feng Shui, brings wealth.

According to the ancient Chinese study of Feng Shui, flowing water tends to attract wealth. Feng Shui teaches that landscape design water features should be kept clean to maximise effectiveness. A dripping faucet embodies wasted money slowly dripping out of your pockets, whereas a well-functioning water feature represents new possibilities flowing into your life. Please visit for more information.